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Our Kitchen

Andes Rotisserie focuses on utilizing the cleanest, freshest products prepared simply, with international influence.

As our name suggests we cook in a wood fired Rotisserie, as well as over a red oak open fire.

Our chicken, brisket, pastrami, porchetta, pork roasts and lamb are all prepared over fire using locally sourced red oak, yielding a taste not achievable using conventional cooking techniques.




We are an environmentally conscious restaurant from start to finish.

Our dining area is built from reclaimed materials including our interiors and dining tables (North Carolina Hemlock felled from dead trees ravaged by the Woolly Adelaide Beatle), our bar countertops (left over material from a construction project in 2011), family dining table (electrical spools and left over Alaskan Red Cedar), eating counters (fallen Bluffton Water Oaks destroyed by Hurricane Matthew) and our community hand sink (old concrete tub).

We are a no plastic establishment, and use many natural products. 

Please share the awareness!



Our Birds & Fish

We are committed to Springer Mountain Farms for our birds. Springer Mountain produces NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) chickens that are 100% natural, with no growth hormones or stimulants, no steroids or antibiotics.

Our salmon are raised naturally in the cold North Atlantic waters of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. We are committed to Northern Harvest Sea Farm as they are environmentally responsible, take great pride in their product and have a 4 Star Best AquaCulture Practice Certification.



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Cooking with fire and preparing primal cuisine is one of my great passions. As a child, I became the de facto grillmaster for the family. Whatever we had, I grilled it over coals on the old Weber Longhorn with the rotisserie attachment and corn rack.

The credit for eating healthy foods, fresh vegetables, and preparing fish, oysters, shrimp and other seafood over wood is all due to my amazing wife Ellen, who is my greatest passion. She has an incredible food ethic that elevated my understanding and appreciation of clean and fresh above fried and fatty.

Grilling, roasting, rotisserie and slow cooking over coals is my thing. Along with fire and primal cuisine come the tools of the trade, working with fire, understanding wood, high heat, and cast iron cooking. I prefer a cast iron skillet to any other surface.

I am also a fourth generation builder of things, preferably difficult projects with challenges and details that others prefer to avoid. Whether commercial buildings, homes, secret hideouts or handmade knives, all require attention to detail - another of my passions.

None of the above can be done without a good team, together making something very special. When you eat at Andes Rotisserie you’ll see and feel the love and the power of our team!

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My name is Matt. I didn't realize I could grow a beard until a kitchen-wide "no shave November" seven years ago (I’ve not shaved since). I really like old things and long drives with the windows down. Chef coats weird me out. I like writing and old time music, with and without banjos. My favorite color is blue, yellow, and purple. Sometimes green is my favorite color. I haven't always cooked food but I always wanted to, even when I wasn't. At Andes, I cook steaks and stuff.

I hope you laugh at my bio. It's hard for me to do much talking about myself so I figured I'd keep it lighthearted rather than type up a resume about this or that place I've worked or whatever else.